Automated VMI Purchasing & Inventory
Purchasing & Inventory Solutions

for manufacturers and distributors

Automated VMI Purchasing & Inventory
Purchasing & Inventory Solutions

for manufacturers and distributors

Hands-Free Always-On Purchasing and Inventory

Planning, Optimization, Execution, and Monitoring

automated purchasing

Purchasing Services

We issue purchase orders in either your system or ours for selected stock items that you source, negotiate pricing for, and then assign to us to sustain.  Let us optimize your demand planning, purchasing, and suppliers' performance as your designated supply chain administrator so you can focus on meeting key operating objectives.

point-of-use ordering

Point-of-Use Reordering

In addition to conventional MRP ordering logic, we also provide Scan2Request and Scan2Order wireless IoT technology to enable point-of-use material replenishment.  These can be used to trigger either purchasing or manufacturing activity as part of a lean pull-based operation. 

consigned inventory

Inventory Optimization

We perform demand planning and incorporate forecasts as needed to optimize inventory levels and execute purchasing to ensure that your desired service levels are met.  Our managed services can be configured to support the purchase or sale of products, materials, or supplies with any of your trading partners.

Use our managed services to
optimize your procurement function
for selected products or materials:

Outsourced Purchasing


Lower marginal operating costs

Improved stock availability

Reduced inventory

Improved customer satisfaction

Facilitated VMI management

Hands-on extended support staff

Supplier- and/or customer-facing

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integrated or standalone

Continue Using Your Existing System - No New Software

We do not sell software.  We can purchase using either your system or ours.  Our managed services can be provided either standalone or using your existing ERP system to provide hands-free purchasing, inventory, demand planning, and supplier collaboration.  We are system-agnostic.

Augment Your Existing Staff

Your staff will continue to source suppliers and negotiate pricing.  We then execute accordingly for the stock items that you assign to us.  You're not only ensuring cost-effective stock availability when you allow us to apply our hands-on statistical inventory management and purchasing methods to your products, materials, or supplies.  You're also enabling your existing staff to focus more strongly on job functions and other items that may be more dynamic and require extra special attention.

Uneven or sporadic demand?  No problem.  Maintaining economic and effective inventory levels for stock items where "demand spikes" are common is our specialty.

Demand Pareto 4
supply chain management

A Supply Chain Execution Model Built for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Let us optimally manage your planning, purchasing, and inventory for those strategic items of interest that are critical or challenging to manage.  Echelon's managed services enable businesses to effortlessly and optimally maintain consigned and non-consigned stocks using our lean material management methods, IoT technology, enterprise automation, and cloud-based supplier collaboration tools.  You specify the service levels and we drive your supply chain to meet them.

Wireless Point-of-Use Replenishment

In addition to conventional MRP methods, we offer our Scan2Order and Scan2Request wireless IoT point-of-use material replenishment technology to enable our clients to improve fulfillment lead times and on-time shipments by ensuring that products, materials, and supplies are maintained to reliability meet customer demand.  Enhance centralized purchasing for multiple sites using our point-of-use technology or managed services.

Automated purchasing
Demand Planning

Demand Planning Integrated with the Supply Chain

Echelon's managed services enable you to use your forward-looking demand forecasts to drive material planning and supplier deliveries.  Even if you don't currently have effective Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) or sales forecasting, we can help you develop and implement practical and sustainable strategic planning processes to optimally manage your supply chain.  You may be surprised to learn how easy, effective, and sustainable your demand planning can be.

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