Purchasing & Inventory Solutions
Purchasing, Inventory, & Sales Solutions

for manufacturers & distributors

Purchasing & Inventory Solutions
Purchasing, Inventory, & Sales Solutions

for manufacturers & distributors

Improve on-time performance   -   Reduce cost   -   Avoid disruptions   -   Delight customers

point-of-use ordering

Kanbans as a Service

Use our wireless barcode tags to establish smart kanbans to drive your purchasing, manufacturing, or sales.  Bypass the need for accurate inventory by triggering orders at the point of use.  Our system is plug and play.  There is no need for new software or system integration.

You can also combine our wireless tags with our purchasing, inventory optimization, or customer order entry managed services to provide a cost-effective way to expand your team and boost your capabilities.

automated purchasing

Purchasing Services

We issue purchase orders in your system for items that you source, negotiate pricing for, and then assign to us to sustain.  Let us maintain and optimize your material planning and purchasing as your outsourced buyer/planner so you can focus on strategic objectives. 

We allow you to expand your team often for 50% of the cost while benefiting from our specialized expertise and always-on execution.  Our transactional fee structure allows purchasing to be a variable cost rather than fixed.

consigned inventory

Inventory Optimization

Inventory reductions of 20% to 60% are typical for us.  We optimize inventory levels and execute purchasing to ensure that your desired service levels are met.  This is done at the part number level taking into account detailed variations in supplier performance and customer demand.

We can do this either once or on a recurring basis to keep you firmly tied to the pulse of your market.

ERP integration

Supply Chain Consulting

Improve your material management by leveraging our system-agnostic expertise in MRP, purchasing, and inventory. 

Our services include data remediation, system tuning, strategy development, and training, all geared toward the efficient and sustainable achievement of your operating objectives.

With our assistance, your organization can grow its capabilities and extend its bandwidth.

Some of our past successes:

Reduce Cost

  • Reduce costs both in terms of inventory holding costs and recurring indirect overhead.  We are often able to reduce stock inventory by as much as 20 to 80% while maintaining service levels greater than 99%.  We can also provide our services at a lower marginal operating cost.

Get in Front of Supply Chain Challenges

  • We monitor vendor performance and update ordering parameters so that you can keep pace with an ever-changing supply chain landscape

Delight your Customers

  • Use our services and solutions to maximize your on-time performance, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.  You can also apply our solutions as a value-added service to facilitate customer reordering and recurring sales.

Improve Stock Availability

  • You specify your desired service levels and we apply our statistically-based inventory optimization to meet your requirements

Supplement Your Existing Staff

  • As your option, we can purchase and manage stock items that you assign to us.  We work with your existing resources.

Supercharge your Planning Data and Execution

  • Optimizing your systems and data is our specialty.  Depend on us to ensure that materials and products flow when you need them.

Continue Using Your Existing System - No New Software

  • We do not sell software.  Our managed services and solutions can be provided either standalone or using your existing ERP.  We are system-agnostic.

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