Point-of-Use Reordering System

Scan2Order allows employees or customers to trigger replenishment orders by scanning wirelessly connected electronic tags


Automated purchasing

Hands-Off Inventory Availability

Automated point-of-use purchasing allows manufacturers and distributors to improve their fulfillment lead times and on-time shipments by ensuring that materials, products, and/or supplies are maintained as needed to reliability meet demand.

Supply Chain Integration

Echelon eServices allow the Scan2Order tags to seamlessly drive automated procurement, inventory management, and billing processes.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Scan2Order combined with Echelon eServices is perfect for setting up consigned (i.e., supplier-owned) stocks at your or your customer's sites.  Echelon's IT infrastructure enables suppliers and consumers to have visibility to remote on-hand stock positions with the opportunity for automated replenishment order, sales, and shipping transactions so that VMI can be as hands-off for both the supplier and consumer as desired.

Expand Your Customer Service Offerings

Use Scan2Order to provide your customers with a practical and reliable way to reorder your products either for normal sales or as part of a vendor-managed inventory (VMI) program.

Integrated or Standalone

We are system-agnostic.  We can usually integrate with any ERP or WMS that supports API connectivity for either cloud-based or on-premise implementations or work as a standalone service.

IoT Hardware

We have two different tag styles shown below that can be mixed and matched to manage material replenishment for a variety of stock types, from large stockpiles to small part drawers.  Each tag is able to display the current order status and last receipt date for each virtual bin to provide supply chain visibility directly from the manufacturing or warehouse floor.

All tags are battery powered and typically last four to five years before requiring replacement.  Wireless communication uses multiple RF channels that are less susceptible to interference in manufacturing and warehouse environments than conventional wi-fi or Bluetooth.

Our mobile software can run either on new or existing hardware devices including smartphones and/or handheld scanners.

Dual-bin tag
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