Enable your employees to request materials, products, or supplies,
which Echelon executes in your system as your designated purchasing agent. 

Automated purchasing

Plug and Play.  No New Software.

Scan2Order provides you with Kanbans as a Service (KaaS).  We provide you with the pre-programmed hardware needed for your sites to submit purchase requests from the points of use.  You only need to add our hardware to your network and place our electronic tags in inventory locations where they can most conveniently be accessed to initiate purchasing.

Complex ERP or WMS system integration is not required.

Each tag is able to display the current order status for each virtual bin to provide supply chain visibility directly from the manufacturing or warehouse floor.

Let Us Do the Buying

We issue and manage purchase orders in your ERP or WMS system as your contracted purchasing buyer/planner whenever an electronic tag is scanned.

We are system-agnostic, so we can work with virtually any ERP or WMS system.

We act only on selected items that you source, negotiate pricing for, and then assign to us to optimally sustain.  We monitor suppliers and their deliveries to ensure 100% raw material and/or product availability when you need it most.


Hands-Off Inventory Availability

Scan2Order point-of-use purchasing allows manufacturers and distributors to improve their fulfillment lead times and on-time shipments by ensuring that stocked materials, products, and/or supplies are maintained as needed to reliability meet demand.

We Support the Full PO Lifecycle

We manage purchase orders through the full lifecycle including:

  • Management and maintenance of master data and generated requirements
  • Placement of purchase orders
  • Implementing engineering changes
  • Deviations/alternate materials
  • Supplier follow-ups
  • Communicating material delays
  • Contacting freight companies for order status
  • PO/invoice troubleshooting

Pay As You Go

We allow you to expand your team often for 50% of the cost while still retaining the benefits of our specialized expertise and always-on execution.  Our transactional fee structure allows purchasing to be a variable cost rather than fixed.

We want to join your team!!

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