Point-of-Use Material Request System

Employees or customers can send material requests to purchasing or manufacturing over the web by scanning wireless electronic barcode tags



Streamline communication between your purchasing department and warehouse/factory floors

Scan2Request point-of-use purchase requests allow operations personnel to immediately request material replenishment from your purchasing department.  Use Scan2Request tags to establish smart kanbans whose replenishment quantities are wirelessly updated based on demand are seamlessly integrated with your existing purchasing function.

Use Scan2Request to Trigger Lean Pull-Based Production Order Releases

Manufacturers desiring lean pull-based flow can use Scan2Request to trigger production order releases.  This approach allows shop floor workers to initiate work based on visual cues in a way that's tightly coordinated with ERP.  Benefits include ensuring correct supply/demand netting, accurate order status visibility, timely material backflushing, improved WIP and raw material inventory accuracy, and reduced manufacturing lead times.

S2R Work Center

Receive Material Replenishment Requests via the Echelon SCM Web Portal

Centralized purchasing for pull-based floor stock has never been easier.  Your purchasing and/or manufacturing departments receive Scan2Request requests initiated by warehouse workers, factory workers, or customers.  Material requirements are displayed accordingly in our Echelon SCM web portal, which buyers or production workers can use as a to-do list to fulfill open requirements.

Echelon SCM S2R

Standalone Operation

No ERP integration is required since your purchasing or manufacturing team will receive Scan2Request notifications over the web.

IoT Hardware

Each tag is able to display the current order status and last receipt date for each virtual bin to provide supply chain visibility directly from the manufacturing or warehouse floor.

All tags are battery-powered and typically last four to five years before requiring replacement.  Wireless communication uses multiple RF channels that are less susceptible to interference in manufacturing and warehouse environments than conventional wi-fi or Bluetooth.

Our mobile software can run either on new or existing hardware devices including smartphones and/or handheld scanners.

standard tag

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