Inventory Optimization

Taking the right approach to inventory planning can prevent shortages while at the same time reducing balance sheet inventory.  If your inventory planning relies on maintaining a certain "number of days on hand", then you may stand to significantly benefit from our specialized analytical approach.

We can often decrease your purchasing spend for a quick cash flow boost while at the same improving material availability.  Inventory turns and balance sheet performance will also improve.

Let us Maintain your Inventory Planning Master Data for You

We can set up a data maintenance program to periodically analyze and update your purchase ordering parameters for your selected stock items to ensure optimal purchasing requirements and economic high-performing inventory.  This can take into account:

  •   Historical customer demand
  •   Projected sales growth
  •   Seasonality
  •   Demonstrated supplier performance
  •   Your desired service level
  •   Financial constraints

We can perform inventory optimization in either of two ways:

  1.   As a standalone service; or
  2.   Bundled together with any of our managed services

Some of our past successes:

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