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Best Practices

For S2R, S2O, and S2CO users:

  • Be patient.  It takes up about 10 to 60 seconds for the Tag display to update after scanning.  It is not instantaneous.  It may take up to 15 to 30 minutes for changes to be visible in the Echelon SCM web interface.
  • In general, users should scan Tags in the morning and buyers should buy in the afternoons to avoid timing errors.  This is not absolutely necessary but it could be helpful in preventing "crossed signals".
  • If a user needs to cancel a scanned request/order, it is best to re-scan (i.e., cancel) the Tag immediately before the central server has a chance to sync orders.  Orders are synced every 15 minutes starting at the top of each hour.
  • Avoid excessively toggling the "S2R Action" buttons back and forth.  If you flip values while the central server is polling the local systems, then you risk that the wrong data may be displayed on the Echelon SCM web app.  If this happens, then just wait 30 minutes after you have made changes for the central server to catch up and accurately show you the status of current orders.


There are two broad classes of Orders:

Supplier Orders:  These are requests for materials that will be procured from your suppliers.

For Items set up as Scan2Request (S2R), each Supplier Order line item represents a purchase request to your Purchasing Department to replenish a certain Item in a prescribed quantity.

For Items set up as Scan2Order (S2O), these line items represent purchase requests to Echelon who will execute the purchase orders in your system on your behalf.

Customer Orders:  These are inbound orders originating from your customers.

For Items set up as Scan2Request (S2R), each Customer Order line item represents a customer order request to your Sales Department to enter as a sales order and fulfill.

For Items set up as Scan2CustomerOrder (S2CO), these customer order line items will be entered as sales orders in your system by Echelon acting on your behalf as a customer order administrator.


Item master data is displayed on this page.


Tag master data is displayed on this page.

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